Alternative dispute resolution is an important tool in the resolution of family law cases. Our attorneys are experienced in representing clients in all forms of alternative dispute resolution and are also regularly called upon by other attorneys, parties, and judges to act as a neutral in assisting families with resolving their issues outside of court.

Family law mediation is a resolution tool and can be a voluntary or court-ordered process. Family law mediation allows parties to determine their own resolution of issues. This allows the parties to retain control over the outcome for their family rather than letting a judge decide the outcome. Family law mediation is a confidential process that, when successful, is generally a more cost-effective way to resolve issues, allows for more creativity in the resolution of those issues and usually results in both parties being more satisfied in the outcome, thus potentially reducing future litigation.

Additional alternative dispute resolution methods in family law cases can include arbitration, moderated settlement conferences, special masters, and Financial and/or Social Early Neutral Evaluation. Our attorneys can assist by acting as neutrals in these processes and are experienced in representing clients in all forms of family law dispute resolution.

Blethen Berens has Qualified Rule 114 Civil and Family Law Mediators to assist with your family law mediation and other alternative dispute resolution needs. Julia Ketcham Corbett has been mediating family law cases for over 20 years and is regularly requested by other attorneys and judges to help parties resolve their family law cases.

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