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Alternate Dispute Resolution

Blethen Beren’s Litigation team has extensive experience in the courtroom. However, litigation is not the right solution for everyone. Litigation can be expensive and involves a high degree of uncertainty, so a trial is not always the best means of reaching a resolution. Our lawyers understand the value of resolving matters quickly, fairly, and with minimal expenditures. Our lawyers frequently employ Alternative Dispute Resolution techniques to efficiently represent our clients, including:

  • Representing clients as counsel in Alternative Dispute Resolution proceedings to resolve disputes in the areas of estate and probate, family law, commercial and business, employment, professional malpractice, personal injury and wrongful death.

Our lawyers also serve as qualified mediators, arbitrators, and neutral evaluators to assist other parties in resolving disputes. Jim Turk was recently recognized as one of Minnesota’s Top 40 ADR Lawyers.

Attorneys who can assist with Alternative Dispute Resolution

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