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Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

At Blethen Berens, our Personal Injury team is particularly proud of our record in automobile, premises, product, and dram shop liability, as well as all other forms of negligence and strict liability cases. Our firm has represented parties in a number of multi-million dollar settlements for injuries and wrongful death.

The lawyers who make up the Personal Injury and Wrongful Death team have a thorough knowledge of the system, in which third party liability, disability and health insurance, auto insurance, social security, unemployment compensation, and public assistance may be involved. Because of this our lawyers are thorough, up-to-date, aggressive, and extremely competent in their chosen area of legal practice.

The Personal Injury and Wrongful Death team has a proven track record of servings as effective advocates for fair settlements, representing both individuals and companies facing a lawsuit.

Attorneys who can assist with Personal Injury & Wrongful Death


Personal Injury: Blethen Berens Helps When You Need It Most

A serious personal injury is a life altering experience. While we can’t change the fact that you have been injured, we can help you clearly understand your options, handle the details and let you focus on healing and getting well again.

Personal Injury: Do You Have The Right Attorneys on Your Side?

When it comes to personal injury cases, Blethen Berens focuses on minimizing your stress level, listening to your questions and then providing you with the very best legal advice. Your recovery and your success are at the heart of our mission when you have experienced a personal injury.

Legal excellence. Personal commitment.