At Blethen Berens, our employment law attorneys are dedicated to providing clients with comprehensive strategies for dealing with the complex and ever-changing relationship between employers and employees. Our practice is designed to increase awareness and decrease the exposure employers have with regard to employment-related claims. We regularly present seminars to and provide in-house training for our employment clients regarding employment-related issues and the changes in the laws which impact them.

Our services, when engaged in a preventative manner, are an investment that will pay dividends by increasing awareness and decreasing the costs resulting from employee turnover and litigation. Our lawyers advise employers about statutory compliance, such as ADA and FMLA compliance, hiring, documentation and discipline and termination, as well as non-competition and non-solicitation rights.

Employment Labor Law

In the event of employment litigation, our lawyers are highly skilled in representing employers in areas of employment law including discrimination, harassment, wrongful discharge, contract and defamation litigation, unemployment appeals and the enforcement of non-competition and non-solicitation agreements. Members of our employment and labor law team also conduct harassment investigations for employers, and represent employers before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Minnesota Department of Human Rights, as well as at all court levels.

The lawyers practicing in this area routinely represent employers in their dealings with organized employees and their union representatives. We take a strategic approach to every engagement, assisting employers in the negotiation and execution of collective bargaining agreements, developing and implementing union avoidance strategies, preparing strike responses, and arbitrating grievances.

Attorneys who can assist with Employment & Labor Law

Julia Corbett

Silas Danielson


Kevin Velasquez

Alyssa Nelson