Estate planning is your right and empowers you to decide where you want your assets to be transferred upon death. An estate planning attorney can guide you through the process in an effort to meet your goals and ensure your beneficiaries obtain as much as possible and pay the least amount for taxes possible. 

Estate planning can provide for much more than monetary assets like land, vehicles, businesses and homes. It can also provide for your wishes regarding appointing guardians for minor children. Appointing guardians can be a difficult and emotional decision. Our attorneys can help by identifying situations to consider as you make that decision. 

Estate planning also includes incapacity planning with powers of attorneys and health care directives. Naming individuals to manage your financial affairs (power of attorney) or medical decisions (health care directives) can be difficult, and our experienced attorneys can ask insightful questions to help with those decisions. If you have prepared an estate plan, be sure to review it often as life circumstances change, such as marriage, divorce, death in the family, purchase of land, or birth of a child.

No matter you age, estate planning is important. Less than 50% of all American adults have a will and less than 75% of parents of minor children have a will. We hope that you exercise your privilege to plan utilizing our skillful attorneys at Blethen Berens.

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