BGK partner Kevin Velasquez will be participating in the Minnesota CLE 2014 New Lawyer Experience Summer Session as a panelist speaker.  This seminar will feature a Mankato attorneypanel of attorneys from a variety of practice areas providing candid advice for new lawyers.  The panel will discuss how they developed their practice and share advice for new lawyers who are planning to do the same kind of work. Hear what they like about their work, what they find challenging, and what it takes to succeed.

Featured panelists:

– Shauna L. Coons; Best & Flanagan LLP; Minneapolis
– Heather M. Gilbert; Gilbert Law PLLC; Saint Paul
– David P. McKinney; Larson King, LLP; Saint Paul
– Jennifer Santini; Sykora & Santini, LLP; Minneapolis
Kevin A. Velasquez; Blethen Gage & Krause, PLLP; Mankato
– James J. Vedder; Moss & Barnett, P.A.; Minneapolis (moderator)


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