Dissolution is the legal term for divorce. When one or both people in a marriage want to end their marriage, they start a legal process which includes ending their marriage, a division of their asset and debts, child custody and support if minor children are involved, and spousal maintenance or alimony, among other things. No two families are the same, and every dissolution is unique. The experienced family law attorneys at Blethen Berens will work with you to help decide the best path for your family.

If there were minor children during the dissolution or spousal maintenance was awarded to a party in a dissolution, matters may arise post-dissolution that need to be addressed such as child support and custody review, modification of custody or parenting time, modification of child support or spousal maintenance, or possibly collection of child support or spousal maintenance.

At Blethen Berens, our attorneys are experienced in all types of dissolutions; short-term marriages, those with or without minor children, cases with complicated non-marital claims, spousal maintenance cases, and marriages of high net-worth or complex financial situations. Our attorneys have a resolution mindset. The best resolutions are possible when people fully understand their options and are able to make informed, strategic decisions to best serve their families. The attorneys at Blethen Berens will help you understand and navigate the dissolution process. Our goal is to make the process as efficient as possible. Sometimes a resolution comes by writing up an agreement parties reach on their own. Other times a process like mediation or early neutral evaluation is necessary. Regardless of the journey, our attorneys will be with you every step of the way providing advice and guidance.

In addition to being experienced trial attorneys, our family law team also has significant experience handling post-trial matters in all areas of family law, as well as handling family law appeals.

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