Child support includes three main areas: basic support, medical support and child care support. Who pays the support and how much is paid depends on various factors. Sometimes the calculation is straight-forward and other times, especially in the case of self-employed individuals such as farmers, the calculation is more complex. If you would like to pursue or modify child support, our attorneys are available to talk to you about your options and potential scenarios. If you recently received paperwork stating that you will be owing child support or the amount you have been paying will change, we can review the information in those documents with you to help you decide how to respond.

The process to establish parenting rights between unmarried parents is called a custody proceeding. The goal of a custody proceeding is to come up with an arrangement that is in the best interests of a child. Will the child primarily reside with one parent or both parents? Are both parents willing and able to work together to make major decisions related to the child? What will the parenting time arrangement look like?

Blethen Berens’s attorneys take the time to learn about each client and strive to come up with solutions that fit each family’s unique situation. We have experience using various alternative dispute resolution processes, when appropriate, to help the parents decide what is in their child’s best interests. If a mutual agreement is not possible, we have the skills necessary to be a strong advocate in the courtroom for what you believe is in your child’s best interests. 

If you are in the midst of dealing with child support or child custody, let us help you. Children grow up right before our eyes. Let us focus on the law so that you can focus on your family.

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