Many companies have highly confidential and unique proprietary information that they must protect.  Some examples of this confidential information include trade secrets, customer or client information, computer systems, research and development, equipment and processes, formulations, and marketing and pricing strategies. Blethen Berens’s attorneys understand that a company’s client and customer relationships and confidential information are key to business success. Should your organization and an employee decide to part ways for any reason, your company’s confidential and proprietary information and your customer relationships are yours to protect.

Blethen Berens can assist you with drafting an agreement to help protect your company’s valuable information and protect against damaging competition from former employees.  A non-competition agreement bars a former employee from competing against a former employer for a specific amount of time. Non-solicitation agreements prohibit former employees from contacting clients, employees, vendors and/or other resources of their former employer. Blethen Berens can guide the drafting of these documents to include reasonable conditions that protect your business.

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