An employment agreement is a legal contract that formalizes employment between you as an employer and an employee. Blethen Berens can ensure that your employment agreement is drafted to appropriately include necessary information such as non-competition, non-solicitation and confidentiality agreements and all applicable terms for an agreement that protects your business. Our employment law attorneys can help identify the required state and industry specific information to include.

Personnel handbooks and policies are an essential component in protecting your business. Handbooks outline policies for your business related to operating procedures, employee conduct guidance, and expectations that your employees can anticipate from your business.

Unsure of how to start drafting these documents or determining what’s necessary to include to protect your business? Contact one of our employment law attorneys. Blethen Berens has been guiding employers since we opened our doors more than 120 years ago. We have the knowledge you need and have likely helped an organization similar to yours, and as unique as yours. With our experience working with industries such as education, manufacturing, health care, transportation, business, construction, professional services, childcare, retail, hospitality, non-profits, and more, you can depend on Blethen Berens to help you protect your business.

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