Realtors and mortgage providers: Have you considered encouraging your clients to utilize a real estate attorney for closing? We understand you want closings to go smoothly for your clients – after all, property purchases are likely their biggest investments. Here are a few reasons why encouraging your clients to use a real estate attorney can help facilitate a seamless transaction: 


  • Costs are comparable, often less
  • Can provide legal advice throughout the entire process
  • Can identify and help remedy issues, simple or complex
  • Have the client’s best interest in mind

Title Company

  • Costs are comparable
  • Cannot provide legal advice
  • May be able to address minor issues, but not complex ones
  • Have the insurance company’s best interest in mind

Blethen Berens has a full service title company within our firm; Blethen Berens Title Services. You can trust our trained attorneys to do an in-depth review of title histories. Give Blethen Berens a call for more information at 507-345-1166.