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Landlord Legislative Update

July 25, 2019

The Minnesota Legislature has added and amended provisions of the landlord-tenant statutes. The following changes govern residential leases:

Written Lease Specifications

  • Before a tenant signs a written lease, the lease must identify the specific unit the residential tenant will occupy. Failure to provide this information can subject a landlord to a petty misdemeanor.

Duration of Lease and Prorated Rent

  • Written leases must identify both the lease start date and the lease end date.
  • If a tenant’s move in or move out date does not fall on the first or last day of the month, and the rent is prorated, the first page of the lease must state that amount of prorated rent for the specific month.

Notice Changes

  • Tenants may give notice of an intention to quit the premises using either: (1) the time period stated in the lease for the tenant or landlord to provide notice of intention to quit the premises; or (2) the time period stated in the lease for a landlord to give notice to increase rent.
  • Landlords cannot give a notice to quit the premises or to increase rent that is shorter than the time period provided to tenants for giving a notice of intention to quit the premises.

We encourage all landlords to review their leases and operating procedures to ensure compliance with these new provisions.

If you are a residential landlord who has questions about this new legislation, reach out to Blethen Berens – Silas Danielson or Alyssa Nelson at 507-345-1166.

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