Julia Ketcham Corbett was awarded the Distinguished Service Award by the Greater Mankato Growth Board of Directors.  She is only the third person to receive this award honoring her leadership and service to the Mankato area via the Greater Mankato Growth Board as well as Programs and Services.  Below is a list of her great accomplishments:

Board of Directors – Greater Mankato Growthjulia-ketcham-corbett BGK Law

  • Served on the Board (March 2009 – March 2018). Also had a previous term on the Mankato Area Chamber of Commerce Board (pre-merger) from 2000 – 2004
  • Served on the Executive Committee (2011 – 2018); three years post her role as Chair.  In that role accepted responsibility to serve as leadership representation for the organization on…
    • enhancing the Visit Mankato nominations process
    • vetting additional property considerations for GMG, Inc.
  • Served as Chair of the Board (2013-2015).  In that role, helped provide key leadership as Greater Mankato Growth navigated new territory, both operationally and programmatically.
    • provided assured and stable leadership amidst the President & CEO’s cancer diagnosis, hospitalizations, and treatments
    • involved in Project ABE (now GreenSeam, LLC) which was initiated and launched during her tenure
    • provided leadership as GMG’s new Public Affairs approach and work was only in its infancy at the start of her tenure

Programs & Services

  • Served as a mentor as part of the Young Professionals Mentor series
  • Has been a strong supporter and advocate for both Leadership Institute and Young Professionals; including identifying participants, sponsoring, and speaking at events
  • Attended the “local” Leadership Delegation retreat in Chaska and the InterCity Leadership visits to Charlottesville and Columbia
  • Instrumental in both championing for the implementation of Greater Mankato at the Capitol to raise the visibility of our region and driving community attendance
  • Served on the 2016 Task Force for passage of the Local Option Sales Tax
  • Serves as a member of the Regional Recreation Sports Facilities Task Force
  • Serves on the Executive Talent Council

From all of us here at Blethen, Gage and Krause, thank you for being such a committed advocate to the Mankato area.