Julia Ketcham Corbett and Beth Serrill presented at the SMAHRA Employment Law Seminar on September 28 regarding ‘The Lifecycle of a Workplace Investigation from both the Employee’s and the Employer’s Perspective’.  

Conducting an effective investigation will help avoid liability and/or limit damages by showing that the employer exercised reasonable care to prevent and promptly correct any harassing behavior.  Below are some helpful reminders:

  • Have a clear and effective reporting policy in your handbook.
  • Train your supervisors.
  • Communicate with employees that your door is always open.
  • Follow your policies.
  • Start the investigation as soon as possible.
  • Effectively plan all steps of the investigation.
  • Communicate with all parties regarding the status of the investigation.
  • Document all aspects of the investigation.
  • Identify appropriate follow-up actions.

Sometimes an investigation can be handled internally.  Larger, full scale investigations may best be served through an attorney.  Blethen, Gage and Krause’s Employment Law Team is trained in the proper investigative techniques that can insulate an employer from liability for an adverse employment action.  Contact Julia Ketcham Corbett, Beth Serrill, Kevin Velasquez, or Alyssa Nelson to assist you with your employment law needs.  They can be reached at 507-345-1166.