Ag Expo vertical logo (B0335123)Blethen, Gage & Krause is pleased to announce that it will be presenting information on three key farm-related topics during the Living & Learning session of the Minnesota Ag Expo.  Presentation topics include:

The Ultimate Guide to Critical Documentation for Farm Operations

Speaker – Paul Shneider

This session will cover the nuts and bolts of required documentation for farming operations and includes entity formation, leases and other common contracts, and options and rights of first refusal.

Employer Survival Kit:  How to Avoid Common Employment Law Pitfalls

Speaker – Beth Serrill

This session is a must for any farm operation with employees.  We’ll go over important topics which affect how you manage your employees every day including workers compensation, unemployment, avoiding discrimination claims, ADA accomodations, drug testing and the issue of categorizing employees vs. independent contractors.  Whether you have 1 employee or 100, office staff or field laborers, do not miss this session!

Don’t Lose the Farm: Litigation War Stories from the Front Lines.

Speakers – Ben McAninch, Chris Roe and Kevin Velasquez

It’s no secret – family issues can be complicated.  That complexity increases exponentially when dealing with estate planning and family law issues such as divorce.  Throw a full farm operation into the mix and… well, you get the idea.   In this session we’ll discuss real-life examples of how family issues such as divorce can affect the family farm. What happens when a child with an interest in a family farm gets divorced?  What rights does that soon-to-be ex-family member have? And in what ways can that divorce affect the operation and other siblings?   This is your opportunity to learn from the mistakes of others.  This interesting and entertaining session is one you won’t want to miss.


This event takes place Wednesday, January 28th from 2-5pm at the City Center Hotel.  To learn more about this event click here.